Dad’s Weekend 2011 at Ohio University

Ah, when parents visit. Depending on your situation, it can be a very fun or challenging time to have them around for the weekends. However, Dad’s Weekend is quickly approaching so planning must begin soon.

This year, Dad’s Weekend will take place January 21-23, 2011. Typically a fun time, Dad’s weekend happens only about 3 weeks into the quarter. Just enough time to have space from your parents and soon after miss them.

If you’re of age, many take their Dad’s out on the town to visit Athens’s wonderful selection of bars. Some suggestions are Tony’s, the Union, or Jackie O’s. Typically the Union or Casa will have an event going on for Dads, so in case just sitting down at a bar isn’t enough, there will most likely be a concert to amuse you.

If you aren’t the bar type or aren’t able to go, I suggest dinner. Dinner, whether homemade or at a restaurant, is a nice chance to catch up. One suggestion is going to Casa. You can help wean your father off of the processed food with a taste of homegrown and locally made….EVERYTHING. It’s also an exciting menu and a great environment (with a bar, if they care for a drink.).

Another suggestion is trying an Athens delicacy, Salaam. Salaam specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, serving you appetizers of warm pita bread and hummus with a beautifully decorated inside, to boot!

Okay, so maybe your dad is not nearly as granola as these places. So, if he’s more into American cuisine there’s always O’Betty’s for some kick-butt hotdogs. With a cute little hotdog museum inside, O’Betty’s is great for its history and love of all things hotdogs, and wonderfully prepared food.

As Dad’s Weekend approaches, finding things to do will be made a lot easier. On Thursday there will be a Black Sheep show, OU’s improv comedy troupe. And the University  is usually great with providing options for family events (typically at Ping or Baker) for the weekend.

So, enjoy your time with your dad and take the opportunity to show him around Athens. It’s a great time to bond and catch up in a wonderful environment!