3 thoughts on Rentals Available at River’s Edge

  1. I have a daughter who will be a junior next year at OU. I am interested. Please provide info about 2 or 3 bedroom units.

  2. I have daughter and a friend that will be seniors next year Fall 2011. Please send me information about rates for a 2 bedroom unit. Also I would like to know about amenities, utilities, parking and security. Thank you.

  3. This is possibly the worst place to live. Im a post-graduate student and expect to live in a place where the employees treat their tenants with respect. If you expect the same – avoid this place at all costs. The manager only cares about making money. They have contracts with Towing companies to tow away cars 24/7. THEY GIVE THEM MAPS AND CAR INFORMATION SO THEY KNOW WHICH CARS TO TOW. who else would do that unless they’re trying to make money’ Second, if you have a maintenance problem, don’t expect it to be fixed soon. I had 3 and it took 2 weeks for them to even respond! Also When i first arrived at my apartment it was disgusting, they didnt even clean it out! Then they had all these hidden charges like PARKING fees, pet fees, all of which were never layed out when I came to visit. Mill Street and The Summit are probably better options, i’m moving out as soon as my lease is up, this place is a nightmare.

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