Apartment for Sublease!

Monthly rent is $885, but this includes EVERYTHING: cable, internet, trash, water, electric, heating, cooling.. and there is no cap!!

This 2 bedroom, handicap accessible apartment is located in the very quiet, family friendly environment of Mill Street Village. It has 2 bedrooms, a bath room, and very spacious kitchen and living room. All utilities are included and there is no cap. It is only a 5 minute bike ride from Ohio University and there is also free bus transportation to and from campus. 

The apartment is on the ground level, 750 square feet, and very easily accessible. 

The apartment is freshly painted and has all new bourbon carpet. I love this apartment and its location, but I am a grad student transferring to another university in the spring and must find a sub-leaser. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed. —There is a beach-volleyball court, a basketball court, and the Hocking Bike-Way which passes RIGHT by the apartment.

Please contact me if you are interested in sub-leasing. My ideal plan is to be out of here as soon as winter quarter is over (March)…. It’s an awesome place!!! You won’t regret it! CONTACT ME!