Athens Ohio Halloween 2010 – Pictures and Recap

An Athens, Ohio Halloween  is something that Ohio University’s students pride themselves in knowing about. With tons of haunted locations and extravagant costumes, many take this holiday very seriously.

Athens, Ohio Halloween 2010 was nothing less than extravagant. Court Street was, as always, extremely packed with the block party going on. This year there were many bands on multiple stages, an Open Doors dance, Morgue Fest on North Congress, and the burlesque show that went up at midnight. Plenty of things to do, with plenty of people attending.

My night started at attending Morgue Fest. Morgue Fest took place in a once-upon-a-time morgue. The backyard held live band performances with a projector that let people play NBA live (Classic.). There were some pretty extravagant costumes there (A jellyfish!), aaand some pretty out there ones as well (Ramen Noodles logo…?).

My boyfriend, John Jagos, performed (under the name Brothertiger) and while there was a reoccurring power outage that was eventually solved, he still was able to have a great show with a huge crowd. At Morgue Fest I ran into multiple Marie Antoinettes, some people dressed as Christmas lights, aliens, a Dragon Ball Z character, and that guy from Juno (Spot on, by the way.).

After that my friends and I ventured uptown for, of course, food. There we witnessed an all male version of the Spice Girls, a male Hooters waitress, and multiple Bed Intruders. We also ran into a BP Cleanup Crew, Sesame Street characters, some Hamburglers, Blue from Blue’s Clues, and of course every sexy cop, boyscout, or nurse on the planet.

All in all it was a very festive night. It’s always great to see those who actually try with their Halloween costumes (For example: not my cat face makeup.). While some say that Halloween in Athens is overrated, you can’t deny that there are some pretty creative costumes, and it always makes for a fun and interesting night costume watching and hanging out with friends.

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  1. Whats up with the Binford Tool and Tool Time stickers all over town after Halloween?

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