Good Info for Halloween in Athens 2010

Hey Everyone!  I know we’ve had quite a bit of content about Halloween in Athens 2010.  We’re planning on getting plenty of pictures to put on the site so stay tuned.  I found this on the OU site and thought I would share it.  This is what the university is putting out for OU students and visitors:

The Halloween Street Party in the City of Athens on Court Street begins Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. and ends Sunday, October 31, 2010, at 2 a.m. EST.

  • Bands will play from 5 p.m.-1 a.m. at two locations: Court & State and Court & Union.
  • Vendors will serve food and beverages.
  • Check out the Athens Halloween Block Party page on Facebook for up to date information! Maps included.

In order to have an enjoyable time, avoid problems, and ensure the safety of everyone involved, please consider the following information:
Visitors – Welcome to Athens. We hope you enjoy your stay!

  • Please treat our community as you would your own.
  • Be certain you know the address and phone number of your host while visiting Athens. You and your host should designate a specific public place (i.e., Civil War Monument on College Green, The Armory on Court Street, etc.) to meet if you get separated over the weekend.

Parking and Transportation

(For more info regarding OU parking restrictions visit

  • Current Students and Staff: Park in designated legal parking spaces and be sure your permit is clearly displayed to avoid being towed. Keep clear of hydrants, alleyways, and driveways when parking.


  • There is no visitor parking allowed on Ohio University property during this weekend. Temporary or time restricted passes are not valid (i.e. Hocking College, High School Student Employee Permits).
  • Visitors may park at the Athens City Parking Garage on Washington St.
  • Visitors may park at the Athens County Fairgrounds on W. Union St. ($10/car). Gates open Friday at 11:00 a.m. Can park and leave car until noon Monday. A shuttle will run from the fairgrounds to the Uptown area on Friday from 5 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., and Saturday from 3 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. The Shuttle will pick up and drop off passengers at Buffalo Wild Wings on Union and the Convocation Center. The Shuttle cost is $1 each way. City buses also run to the fairgrounds. Port-a-john’s on grounds.
  • If Your Car is Towed: You can find the phone number of the towing company at a sign posted at the parking lot entrance. The towing companies for University property are Autotech 740-592-1907, Athens Towing 740-594-2869, Curtis Towing 740-593-7048, and IBX Towing 740-592-2494.
  • Taxi Service: Tab’s Taxi 740-594-8294, Athens Cab LLC’s 740-594-7433 (594-RIDE), and Athens GOTO Cab 740-590-4686.

Mill Street Traffic Pattern Change

  • Mill Street (from College St. to Elliot St.) will change to one-way traffic Friday evening through Sunday morning.
  • No street parking will be allowed.


  • Do not choose a costume that includes anything that is, could be used as, or could be confused with a weapon.
  • Do not choose a costume that appears to impersonate a law enforcement officer or simulate law enforcement activities (i.e. directing traffic).

Residence Halls

  • Students living in residence halls can have one guest each; they must be registered in advance (by October 25). There is a $25 guest fee. OU students are responsible for their guest’s behavior.
  • Only resident OU students and registered guests will be allowed in residence halls over the weekend. A resident student must accompany registered guests whenever they are in a residence hall. Both residents and guests must wear a residence hall wristband to gain entry to the hall.

Houses and Apartments Off-Campus

  • Be certain you know any guests staying in your house or apartment. Secure your valuables.
  • Maintain control of private parties and limit access to your invited guests. If you need assistance controlling your party, contact the Athens Police Department at 740-593-6606. This will help you avoid unwanted consequences.
  • Extinguish candles before you leave your house or apartment.
  • Make sure guests know how to get out of a house or apartment in case of an emergency (i.e. fire).

Staying Safe

  • When walking outside of the street party on Court St., please walk on sidewalks and not in the street.
  • If you are of legal age and choose to drink, do not drink to the point of being drunk, and do not leave your drink unattended or accept a drink from someone you do not know.
  • Walk with friends at all times; do not travel alone.
  • Do not trust anyone that you do not know well.
  • Carry identification with you at all times.
  • Lock your door!
  • If someone is in need of medical attention, please call 911 or use the emergency blue phones found around campus and at residence hall entrances.
  • Remember, Medical Emergency Assistance may apply for a student experiencing an alcohol or other drug overdose to receive medical attention without a university judicial charge for alcohol or drugs. It would also remove judicial charges for those who assisted the student in need. For more info: read the Medical Emergency Assistance FAQ at
  • The phone number for O’Bleness Memorial Hospital is 740-593-5551.

Safety and Law Enforcement
Given the crowds participating in the Halloween celebration, there will be many law enforcement, city officials, and university officials visible on campus and in town. Law enforcement officers will be in uniform or may be in street clothes; they will always carry identification. University officials will be wearing green jackets labeled “OHIO Staff.” City of Athens Safety Teams will be wearing white jackets labeled “City of Athens Safety Teams” or orange safety vests.

  • If you need assistance of any kind, ask a law enforcement, city, or university official for help.
  • It is illegal to drink or possess alcohol if you are under 21 years of age. It is illegal to have open containers of alcohol in your possession in any public place, including the sidewalks in front of houses or apartments. There is a glass free zone from Union St. to State St. It is illegal to furnish alcohol for persons under the age of 21.
  • It is illegal to urinate publicly.
  • If you or a friend is arrested, do not argue with officers at the scene. Do not become confrontational with an officer, run away, or resist arrest. You are not required to make any statements and you may not have to consent to a search of your person, belongings, or residence, unless required by law. If you interfere with the arrest of another, you are subject to arrest yourself.
  • If your friend is arrested, be available to answer their call from an agreed upon phone number (i.e. home or cell phone). If you do not have a cell phone, have a local contact number as the police department does not regularly allow long distance calls.
  • If you need to find out if your friend has been arrested and/or you need to leave them a message (i.e. where to meet) information and assistance will be available in the lobby of the Athens Police Department on College St. Send only one person to inquire.

Information Provided by: Ohio University

Spook City: Haunted Athens, Ohio

If you are considering visiting Athens, Ohio the first thing you have to know is that this place is known for being haunted. Upon my arrival to Ohio University, I did not know this but since my freshman year, Haunted Athens, Ohio has been a big interest of mine.

The first thing you should know is that Haunted Athens, Ohio has five cemeteries that are said to complete a pentagram. Simms, Zion, Hanning, Higgins, and Cuckler are the names of these cemeteries.

Some pretty spooky things have gone on at these cemeteries, some at Simms cemetery. Many people say that at Simms, the owner is still found to be wandering around in ghostly form. He can be found in a hooded robe still searching for criminals (although his racial prejudices may narrow that down to freed slaves who made up over half of his hangings.). Many people claim sightings of lights, shadows and hearing voices in the late night. Some even claim that the cemetery changes location to keep visitors away.

Another landmark for Haunted Athens, Ohio is the Ridges and the Ridges Cemetery. The Ridges was a mental health institution that closed down in the 1980s. Now, one of the University’s most abandoned places is one of the most haunted. Starting out as an idyllic place, the Ridges earned a bad reputation for mistreating their patients, with many patients not even being mentally ill. Some were made up of older parents and misbehaving teenagers. Many patients are said to still haunt the Ridges with one even leaving the imprint of her body on a wooden floor after she disappeared and a maintenance worker found her a month later.

Finally, the last place to go to is Ohio University’s campus itself. Wilson Hall is the subject of many ghostly findings, also ending up as the center on the pentagram described earlier. Room 428 in Wilson Hall was the place of death for a college student in the 1970s. Later, many people who resided in the room explained weird noises, footsteps, and objects moving around the room unexplained. After another student died after apparently practicing occult, and sorcery the University explained the room as uninhabitable and closed the room down. After some research, Wilson Hall was found to be a very conductive place of psychic activity and also the previous burial grounds of the early Athens Mental Institution.

While many residents of Athens, Ohio do not realize how many haunting reside in their town, there is actually a lot going on. Many students claim to have experiences of their own in dorm halls or when they go out exploring. Either way, it’s always an intriguing story to hear and decide for yourself.

Explore Carriage Hill Apartments Athens, Ohio

Carriage Hill Apartments are a great option when looking at places to live. This 366 apartment community is within walking distance to Ohio University and has a lot to offer. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, Carriage Hill carries up to 3 bedroom apartments.

Some great benefits to living in Carriage Hill Apartments is that water, sewer, gas heating, and trash pickup are all included. Carriage Hill Apartments also has a bus line so that distance is never a problem for residents.

Other great benefits are that each apartment comes with air conditioning, window coverings, and lawn care. Besides that, there’s never going to be parking problems at Carriage Hill Apartment because off-street parking is already provided. Along with all of this, laundry facilities, maintenance, and landscaping are perks to living at Carriage Hill Apartments. If you come with a family they have a pool and playground to help everyone keep active throughout the week.

While the apartments come unfurnished at Carriage Hill Apartments, this also lowers the rate for all residents making it more affordable and exclusively your own to decorate. There are some great pictures that can be found here:

On the website you will be able to find floor plans as well as the application if you are interested in residing at Carriage Hill Apartments. The apartments allow for a spacious living room and bedroom as well as a kitchen, an area for dining, bathroom, and even room for storage. While some apartments vary, you can easily schedule a tour for Carriage Hill Apartments simply by using their contact info found on the website

363 Richland Ave 1 bdroom in a 3 bdroom apartment lease takeover

I am looking for an subleaser to lease takeover my bedroom starting December 2010 to June 1011(Winter and Spring quaters) with two nice Chinese roommates. They are very friendly and clean.
Also the bedroom contians a individual restroom.
The apartment is located at the Summit at Coates Run, 363 Richland Ave, Athens, OH.
The bedroom comes with all utilities including eletric, the internet, water, parking lot, washer and dryer for FREE.
The driving time to campus is 5 minute, also provides FREE bus services.

The price is $635 per month, but the price and the period of living are negotiable!!! Just send me an email to talk to me if you are interested in.

With the apartment, you will also have access to:

A resort-style heated pool
Private movie theater
Huge fitness center
Free tanning
24-hour business center
Game room with flat screen TV and pool table

Please Call me or send me an Email if you are interested in

It is NOT OK to contact me for commercial interests.

Preparing for 8 Fest in Athens Ohio

Every year the number goes up, starting with just the original title of ‘Fest’ and soon after adding a number for every year the tradition is continued.

The location varies but usually this fest is planned for an open area for musical acts that just keep getting bigger every year.

Traditionally, most people pile into cars, vans, or pickup trucks and make their way down the country roads that will lead you to what is now 8 Fest.

It will be very obvious who the veterans and the newbies of 8 Fest are. Coming in tattered, old throw-away clothing are the veterans, prepared for what are messy expectations of the soon-to-be 8 Fest. Unfortunately for many newbies, they tend to overdress for the occasion and end up being shocked when they find out that 8 Fest does to a fashionable outfit.

There are plenty of funny videos from 6 and 7 Fest on Youtube. However if you want to see for yourself, here’s a link for 7 Fest from last year:

A great explanation of just how crazy 7 Fest was for some.

After 8 Fest is all over and done with comes what I like to call “The Zombie Walk”. Those who walk back, you will see caked in mud and dirt; many still obliterated out of their mind looking like zombies as they troll the streets uptown. Just beware of the mess, regardless if you celebrated 8 Fest or not: dorms, Baker Center, and many other University establishments are often graced with muddy souvenirs of 8 Fest. Whether that be pieces of clothing that are covered in muddy remains or just chunks of dirt tracked in from the country field, there will definitely be markings.

All in all, 8 Fest can be a really fun time if you are up for the mess. While I’ve never been one to make it to any of the past fests, I’ve heard that it’s a once in a lifetime experience that you probably can’t do after college. So attend 8 Fest and cross it off the bucket list as a job well done.

8 FEST will be celebrated Saturday, May 21, 2011 · 10:00am – 11:30pm. Here’s the link to the official 8 FEST facebook page.

Great Apartment for Sublease!

Monthly rent is $865, but this includes EVERYTHING: cable, internet, trash, water, electric, heating, cooling.. and there is no cap!!

This 2 bedroom, handicap accessible apartment is located in the very quiet, family friendly environment of Mill Street Village. It has 2 bedrooms, a bath room, and very spacious kitchen and living room. All utilities are included and there is no cap. It is only a 5 minute bike ride from Ohio University and there is also free bus transportation to and from campus. 

The apartment is on the ground level, 750 square feet, and very easily accessible. 

The apartment is freshly painted and has all new bourbon carpet. I love this apartment and its location, but I am a grad student transferring to another university in the spring and must find a sub-leaser. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed. —There is a beach-volleyball court, a basketball court, and the Hocking Bike-Way which passes RIGHT by the apartment.

Please contact me if you are interested in sub-leasing. My ideal plan is to be out of here as soon as fall quarter is over (November 23)…. It’s an awesome place!!! You won’t regret it! CONTACT ME!

Phone: 1-(740)-707-0237 (ask for Amy)

Going Loco for Local – A Review of Casa Nueva

Now a days, more and more of us are getting to be more conscious about our health. Athens has made that a focus of many of their restaurants—especially Casa Nueva.

Casa Nueva is a gem that is found just off of Court Street next to Artifacts. Casa is worker-owned and locally grown and produced. There are no mysterious ingredients and all foods are made with all natural ingredients.
Casa Nueva and Cantina Athens Ohio
Casa is helping Athens eat with a clearer conscious in a great environment. Beautifully decorated with a terra-cotta Spanish feel in the sitting area and a beautiful wooden bar and stage for concerts and Casa dance nights.

Most weekends Casa is found to be pretty busy, so sometimes it may be more pleasing to go to the Bodega section of Casa. The Bodega is more like bar service where you serve yourself, but the food is equally as pleasing and comes at a quicker pace. While the menu does not have as many choices, it definitely should not deter you from trying the Bodega if your day is hectic. There’s definitely something on the menu for everyone.

Something else that Casa is well-known for are their vegetarian and vegan options. While I am not a vegetarian, I often order vegetarian meals at Casa because of how well-prepared and tasty they are. Of course there are meals with meat for those who crave that instead, but Casa is most definitely veggie and vegan friendly.

The one thing that you cannot skip out on, however, is the salsa. Whether you desire spice or none at all, Casa has a great range of salsas that come with many of their meals in the sit down section and the Bodega menu. Whenever I bring guests with me to Casa they are always amazed by how fresh their salsa and chips taste, and what a variety they have to select from.

Casa Nueva may be one of my favorite restaurants in Athens not only because of what I have already listed, but also because of the overall positive atmosphere. My experiences there have led me to be much more thoughtful with what I eat, and Casa is always an option for me to find that kind of food.

Riverpark Towers in Athens Ohio – Rental Review

Riverpark Towers sits on the East end of campus right by the Freshman Dorms (South Green) and New South. A company called American Collegiate Communities manages the buildings. They own and operate four different buildings that provide housing to Ohio University students. One huge benefit to living at RiverPark is the location. For students looking for a similar location to where they stayed in the dorms, Riverpark sits right on the edge of campus. It’s conveniently located close to the intramural fields, bike path and the Hocking River. Some of the buildings are 3 floors and two others are over seven stories high providing great views of campus. Some fortunate tenants can see a great view of the Hocking River.
riverpark athens ohio
The majority of students that live there are juniors and seniors. Additionally, some Graduate students choose to live at Riverpark too. In the last few years, the management company has worked to upgrade the interiors of each of the apartments. They’ve also allowed tenants to have small pets in the apartments and there are washers and dryers (have to pay) on every floor.

I lived at Riverpark my junior year at Ohio University. A downside to living at Riverpark is the parties going on at people’s places on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Occasionally you will encounter a loud party but it’s nothing that’s atypical for Ohio University. That may even be a positive for some students looking for the full experience. The only other downside of living there was that in the larger buildings the elevators would go out and you would be forced to walk the stairs.

Despite these things, I did have a positive experience living there as an undergrad. The allow you to pay for your rent online with a credit card and they fixed things in a timely manner when I needed them.

To learn more about Riverpark Towers, visit their website at

What has been your experience with Riverpark Towers in Athens, Ohio?

The Freshman guide to finding Ohio University parties through facebook

Throughout the week, students eagerly await the weekend festivities. Hitting up parties, bars, or just finding something fun to do is typically what students use this time for. But what about freshman year? The time before we had our clique to hang with, having the weekend arrive almost seemed like a burden trying to find people to hang out with. How do you find out things to do in Athens when you barely know your way to class?

Simple. Facebook.

Facebook has become the new go-to social planner for many of us. With its handy event calendar listed on the side of your homepage, right at eye level, you are guaranteed to always know what is going on. The only problem is, you haven’t been invited to anything because you don’t know anyone.

An easy fix.

Most parties are thrown for reasons. Whether it’s a certain student organization getting together, a majors party, or even a fraternity or sorority party…typically these people share a common bond. So, the first step is to think of your hobbies or interests. Going to the involvement fair at the beginning of the year might help to narrow these down or find new options. If you missed the involvement fair, you can look on OU’s website for a list of student organizations and their contact information.

After you’ve found areas or groups you are interested in it’s time to meet the people that are involved in them already. Typically, this means attending their meeting times or chatting with them before hand to get to connections.

If, by chance, it is a Friday night and you have nothing to do but you see a party of interest being thrown via Facebook, feel free to invite yourself. On most events the host will mark it as closed or open, if it’s marked as open there’s no limit to who can come. Even if you don’t know them, bring a friend and go out and mingle. Just make sure to do some homework on who is having the party and who is coming. In some cases, you may want to send them a message saying that you are interested in their organization and want to know more.

Other Non-Facebook ways to get out and meet people

If you aren’t too interested in partying but want to still meet people for weekend events the Donkey Coffee and Espresso Café is a great place to go for open mic nights and other artistic performances. For sports, there are plenty of intramural teams available for joining. And if you are interested in theater, Ohio University’s School of Theater hosts Midnight Madness, a collections of short plays written by the graduate playwright class every Friday at 11 pm in the Hahne Theater in the Kantner Building. Tickets go on sale much earlier though, so be prepared to wait.

For Saturdays there’s the Farmer’s Market in Athens starting around 10-1pm. This is a great place to go for fresh foods and desserts and to support our locals. When it gets more into the year, there are plenty of outside musicians on Court Street to sing with, I myself frequent the piano player Rick’s, spot by Perk’s area.

Athens is full of plenty of fun things to do, drinking or not. Connecting through Facebook is a great way to meet people and get invited to these events, but don’t be afraid to just step out there and get involved yourself. Either way, you’re bound to have an interesting night!

When is Halloween in Athens Ohio in 2010?

Some people have asked me when this year’s Halloween celebration is. It’s actually on Saturday October 30th. For people who don’t live in Athens, it’s the perfect excuse to go down to Ohio University (besides Homecoming!). My advice is to go uptown early in the evening. Court Street is closed down and the traditional Halloween block party begins. People walk up and down Court Street in their costumes. It’s a really cool site. If you stay uptown past 10pm, the scene has been described as something similar to Mardis Gras.

Halloween in Athens Ohio

Some ghostbusting friends on Halloween in Athens 2007

Now all you need is a good costume!  Don’t go uptown without one, you’ll get heckled!